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What is the Point of a Gaming Headset?

You may be wondering what is the point of a gaming headset, but the answer is actually very simple: to get the best sound. A gaming headset should have many qualities, including large drivers, active noise cancellation, and a good sound stage. Below, we’ve discussed some of the most common features of gaming headsets, as well as how to find a good one for your budget. But before you buy a new headset, make sure to read the reviews and learn more about each one!

Bluetooth gaming headsets

There are some advantages to choosing a Bluetooth gaming headset over a wired one. For starters, you’ll have no wires hanging around your neck, and you can talk trash to your friends while in the game, without interrupting your play. Bluetooth gaming headsets also work on most popular devices, and can connect to up to three devices at once. If you’re looking for the most versatility and the most value for your money, Bluetooth gaming headsets are a great choice.

The most obvious advantage of a Bluetooth gaming headset is that it can connect to other Bluetooth devices. You can use one with your modern tablet or smartphone and even your home assistant. But they’re not compatible with gaming consoles. So, you should look for a headset that’s compatible with your gaming console and your phone. If you want the simplest and most comfortable wireless headset, choose the Sony PULSE 3D. The PULSE 3D is a simple wireless headset that lets you enjoy your games without the hassles of wires.

Active noise canceling

One of the most important features in a gaming headset is active noise canceling. While this feature is more expensive, it will allow you to stay focused on the game instead of the background noise. While passive noise cancelling is a good option, it is not ideal for the gaming process. While the sound quality will be better, it will be harder to hear the enemies. You should also decide whether you will be using a microphone or not.

Among the most popular options for gaming headsets with active noise canceling is the Victrix Pro AF. This headset is aimed at gamers and esports enthusiasts. Its Active Noise Cancelation system claims to eliminate up to 70% of background noise. This gaming headset is relatively comfortable with cushioned ear pads and a soft headband. It also has in-line controls that make it easier to operate.

Large drivers

In order to get a great audio experience while gaming, the drivers in your gaming headset should be at least 40mm in size. This is because smaller drivers can’t create the same sound waves and won’t produce as much bass. Additionally, larger drivers increase the soundstage, which is the width, height, and depth of the sound. This allows you to tell more precisely where the sound is coming from. A headset with large drivers also has better audio quality.

For competitive multiplayer games, big drivers are essential. Large drivers are especially important for FPS games, which require accurate directional sound. Most gaming headsets use dynamic drivers, which have a voice coil and magnet that is attached to a frame. Electrostatic drivers are rare and are more complex, and therefore, are not commonly used in gaming headsets. However, they can produce good sound. Depending on the game, you should also consider the type of connectivity. If your gaming headset has wired connectivity, it will be better for your gaming experience.

Sound stage

The sound stage of a gaming headset is essential to getting the best audio experience. A headset with an accurate soundstage creates a better sense of immersion in the game. It helps the gamer to detect footsteps, gunfire, and even speech in the video games. It also helps to locate the enemy players and hear their heartbeats. The soundstage of a gaming headset will help the gamer enjoy the game more.

A gaming headset’s soundstage is the amount of sound that a game’s sound produces in a three-dimensional space. A wide soundstage makes it easier for a player to hear sounds in different locations. It is also useful for competitive FPS games where the sense of locality is essential. Open-back headsets are more effective at creating larger soundstages. However, open-back headphones tend to be more expensive than closed-back ones.


Aside from its basic function of providing noise isolation, a gaming headset’s appearance is a critical factor to consider. While most gamers will not place a high priority on aesthetics, some may. However, convenience is one important factor to consider. Many vendors offer free returns, which allows you to break in a headset before buying it. This allows you to try the fit and material to determine if it is comfortable. Alternatively, you can always rent a headphone and return it if it doesn’t fit comfortably.

Some gaming headsets are lightweight and comfortable. The Razer Blade, for example, has memory foam ear cups and a moderate clamping force. Moreover, it has a built-in pop-filter and sensitive placement for accurate audio reproduction. USB-C connection allows for a variety of connectivity options, including RGB backlighting. Its buttons are well-differentiated, and the volume wheel rotates easily to adjust the volume.

Adding external mics

Adding external microphones to your gaming headset may be as simple as plugging in a USB microphone. However, it can have some drawbacks. Not all headsets can support external microphones. A USB microphone is not always compatible with headsets that support TRS cables. To increase your headset’s compatibility, you can purchase adapters to fit different cables. For Xbox One users, you can check this guide to learn how to plug in a USB microphone to your headset.

To ensure the microphone will work on your computer, you can first try speaking into the mic. You can verify that your headset works by checking that the microphone bar next to the mic moves with your voice. Once you’re satisfied with the microphone, you can set it as your default sound input device. You can open the Control Panel by typing “Control Panel” in the taskbar and then tapping the Hardware and Sound icon.

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